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68+ Herbs & Vegetables: Victory Garden Bundle

68+ Herbs & Vegetables: Victory Garden Bundle

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Victory Garden Seed Bundle

68+ Herbs & Vegetables for your Garden!

During the war times of the early 1900s, people had to ration food and really pay attention to how much they consumed. Victory Gardens were introduced to Americans as a way to encourage people to grow their own food and thereby consume less and rely less on the government for rations (during the war). "Americans were encouraged to produce their own food, planting vegetable gardens in their backyards, churchyards, city parks, and playgrounds." (

Thankfully, the world is not at war, but our society is shifting and the desire and benefits to producing your own food and feeding your family is growing. There are more pesticides and chemicals being sprayed onto and into our foods than we can begin to list, all either under-researched or proven to be affecting our health and the health of our loved ones in unfavorable ways.

So now again is the time for a Victory Garden! Victory over your health, victory for your family, and victory for the Earth when you plant and grow an abundant, nourishing garden.

Find more tips on how to build a successful victory garden from Green America

This garden seed bundle includes;

  1. Arugula, Slow Bolt (400+ seeds)
  2. Basil, Genovese (250+ seeds)
  3. Basil, Purple Ruffles (250+ seeds)
  4. Bean (Bush), Royal Burgundy (50 seeds)
  5. Bean (Bush), Taylor Dwarf Horticultural (50 seeds)
  6. Beet, Bulls Blood (150+ seeds)
  7. Beet, Ruby Queen (150+ seeds)
  8. Brocolli, De Cicco (600+ seeds)
  9. Cabbage, Golden Acre (400+ seeds)
  10. Cabbage, Red Acre (400+ seeds)
  11. Calendula, Orange (100+ seeds)
  12. Cantaloupe, Charentais (30+ seeds)
  13. Cantaloupe, Hearts of Gold (30+ seeds)
  14. Carrot, Chantenay Red Core (750+ seeds)
  15. Catnip (450+ seeds)
  16. Cauliflower, Igloo (400+ seeds)
  17. Celery, Tall Utah 52-70 (1000+ seeds)
  18. Chamomile, German (700+ seeds)
  19. Chives (150+ seeds)
  20. Chives, Garlic (450+ seeds)
  21. Cilantro, Slow Bolt (250+ seeds)
  22. Collard, Champion (500+ seeds)
  23. Corn, Improved Golden Bantam (50 seeds)
  24. Cucumber, Boston Pickling (25+ seeds)
  25. Cucumber, Marketmore 76 (25+ seeds)
  26. Dandelion, Wild (350+ seeds)
  27. Dill, Bouquet (400+ seeds)
  28. Eggplant, Black Beauty (50+ seeds)
  29. Fennel, Florence (400+ seeds)
  30. Hyssop (400+ seeds)
  31. Kale, Lacinato (250+ seeds)
  32. Kale, Red Russian (250+ seeds)
  33. Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna (250+ seeds)
  34. Kohlrabi, White Vienna (250+ seeds)
  35. Lavender, English (150+ seeds)
  36. Lettuce, Buttercrunch (800+ seeds)
  37. Lettuce, Iceberg (800+ seeds)
  38. Marjoram, Sweet (400+ seeds)
  39. Okra, Red Burgundy (50+ seeds)
  40. Onion (Bulb), Southport Red Globe (300+ seeds)
  41. Onion (Bunching), Nebuka Evergreen (250+ seeds)
  42. Onion (Bunching), Scarlet Bandit (250+ seeds)
  43. Oregano, Greek (400+ seeds)
  44. Parsley, Dark Green Italian Flat-leaf (500+ seeds)
  45. Pea, Super Sugar (50 seeds)
  46. Pepper (Bell), Purple Beauty (100+ seeds)
  47. Pepper (Sweet), Sweet Banana (100+ seeds)
  48. Pumpkin, Connecticut Field (20 seeds)
  49. Pumpkin, Sugar Pie (25 seeds)
  50. Radish, Black Spanish Round (250+ seeds)
  51. Radish, Butter Globe (250+ seeds)
  52. Rutabaga, American Purple Top (500+ seeds)
  53. Squash (Summer), Black Beauty Zucchini (25+ seeds)
  54. Squash (Summer), Yellow Crookneck (25+ seeds)
  55. Squash (Winter), Blue Hubbard (20 seeds)
  56. Squash (Winter), Table Queen Acorn (20 seeds)
  57. Squash (Winter), Waltham Butternut (25 seeds)
  58. Swiss Chard, Bright Lights (50+ seeds)
  59. Tarragon, Russian (200+ seeds)
  60. Thyme, Common (800+ seeds)
  61. Tomato, Black Prince (50+ seeds)
  62. Tomato, Chocolate Stripes (50+ seeds)
  63. Tomato, Pink Oxheart (50+ seeds)
  64. Tomato, Red Pear (50+ seeds)
  65. Tomato, Roma (50+ seeds)
  66. Turnip, Purple Top White Globe (600+ seeds)
  67. Watermelon, Sugar Baby (25+ seeds)
  68. Yarrow (500+ seeds)

 Plus additional vegetable and herb varieties, while supplies last!

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