About Us

Manley and Shianne met in 2016, both studying the sciences at a community college; Shianne was working towards a degree in “something related to plants” and had settled on botany; Manley was working towards an engineering degree to set himself up for a stable future. But under the surface they both shared a passion for plants and the natural world. Both spent the years prior to their meeting researching and diving into farming & land management (Manley) and food & environmental sustainability (Shianne) in their free time, not knowing how this knowledge could benefit them in the professional world. Soon after the two met, their love of the natural world merged and was allowed to blossom. Both ended up attending Bastyr University and graduating with their Bachelors in Herbal Sciences in 2020; a program focused on the study of medicinal plants.

"Combined with our love for plants, food, newly gained knowledge of the science and medicine in the plant world, and wanting to guarantee a future for our children – we decided to build, from the ground up. We are utilizing the spaces and the resources we are fortunate to have access to now, to grow and save towards a plot of land of our own; where we intend to farm, grow, and produce agricultural abundance that we can use to grow our family and share with the community. Like our business, we started with seeds – the seeds of passion and potential and we are only growing from here."

What Does "Mellifera Botanicals" Mean?

The beloved pollinator and insect, the honey bee, is officially named Apis mellifera in the standard Latin scientific classification system. We believe honey bees and all that they represent is the foundation for the plant world – without pollinators, we would not have the foods that we need and love, and life for humans would quickly cease to exist. A botanical is simply anything that is or is related to a plant (like a seed!). At the center of our honeycomb logo is the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life (much like the bee) represents life, beauty, plants and food, connectedness of all living things and reproduction/creation and (the possibility of) the future. Our dream is to help people reconnect with nature by developing a deeper connection with what they put in their body - their food. We put the energy of the busy honey bee and the beauty of the Flower of Life into everything we do, maintaining the connection between humans and nature and helping you to do the same for yourself, your family, your community, and future generations.